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Ron Miller, President and Founder | Austrian Economics

Meet the President

Austrian EconomicsMy name is Ron Miller. I am the President and founder of Atlantic Precious Metals LLC (APM). APM is a unique retail precious metals dealer. We are in business for one purpose – to help  retirement savers and high net worth families and individuals diversify into hard assets – in particular, the physical precious metals asset class. We see this customer segment as the most in need of diversification into physical gold and silver bullion while also being the most under served customer segment in today’s precious metals market. From celebrities  to successful entrepreneurs and professionals who want to be treated with respect while developing an ongoing trusting relationship with a precious metals dealer, no other precious metals dealer can offer our level of assured privacy and personal service. Why can I say this so confidently – Because Atlantic Precious Metals is a family owned business and I am the sole owner and principal operator of this business. My standards and principles cannot possibly be diluted by others who have less of a vested interest in the success of this business and that success can only materialize with satisfied high net worth clients.  Although I am a firm believer that actions speak louder than words, allow me if you will to include in this bio the intellectual curiosity and personal precious metals purchasing experiences that motivated me to start this business.

Austrian Economics Predicted the Housing Bubble

Several years ago, I began to take an interest in current events and politics through the prism of a contrarian view of economics known as Austrian Economics. I could not understand how the financial collapse in 2008 happened and why no one seemed to have predicted it. I did a lot of mainstream reading and watched a lot of mainstream television news programs but soon started to question why I should try to learn what happened from people who were unable to predict what happened. So I began to search for anyone who seemed to have any clue ahead of time of what actually happened. I found my answer in the libertarian leaning followers and founders of Austrian Economics, as contrasted to the mainstream followers of Keynesian economics. I could go on, but generally I find it is at this point where people start losing focus on what I am saying. So, this being the case, please allow me the liberty of jumping to my conclusion.

Austrian Economics Is Now Predicting the Collapse of the U.S. Dollar

I believe that the U.S. economy is sitting at the precipice of a significant collapse in value of the U.S. dollar. To buttress my personal opinion, this is also the view of the followers of Austrian Economics – the only people I can find who accurately predicted the 2008 collapse of the real estate market and its subsequent repercussions throughout the financial sector.

Austrian EconomicsAdvocates of Austrian Economics believe that ownership of physical gold and silver coins are important when the value of paper money such as the U.S. dollar is threatened.

We Are in Business to Serve Discreet Gold Purchasers, Retirement Savers and High Net Worth Individuals

As I pursued my own personal purchase of gold and silver bullion, I found the process to be one of unusual and unnecessary high anxiety. For example, some dealers showed little interest or patience in talking to me unless I was committed to placing an order. In addition, I also talked to some retail gold and silver dealers whom I did not trust, especially after reading about the various bait and switch tactics and the steering of customers to over-priced gold and silver products.

To make a long story a little shorter, I see the need for retirement savers and high net worth individuals to diversify into the physical precious metals asset class but as mentioned previously, my personal experiences and observations are that these customer segments as well as the discreet gold purchaser are woefully under-served in the current retail precious metals market. Yes, a Google search of  precious metals dealers will produce pages of results. But take a look at the websites. In my view virtually all of them are more akin to toy stores of gold and silver products most of which are unsuitable to discreet gold purchasers, retirement savers and high net worth individuals and families seeking to maintain their lifestyle and protect their current level of wealth in the face of historically unprecedented levels of sovereign debt. So I decided to open my own retail precious metals dealership for the express purpose of helping discreet gold purchasers, retirement savers and high net worth individuals diversify into investment grade physical gold and silver bullion. Given current economic conditions and the growing public interest in diversifying into physical precious metals, buying gold and silver bullion coins and bars should not be like buying a new car. You know you need a new car but decide to keep what you have because you do not understand, trust or want to experience, the car purchasing process.

I started this bio by stating I am a firm believer that actions speak louder than words. I hope to have the opportunity for you to make that judgment based on your experience when you call APM to inquire about and/or purchase physical precious metal bullion.

Thank you,
Ron Miller
Atlantic Precious Metals LLC
Phone: 1-800-APM-GUIDE (1-800-276-4843)