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Precious Metals IRA

What is a Precious Metals IRA?

Precious Metals IRA

Retire with Confidence

A precious metals IRA is actually quite simple. It’s an IRA that allows you to own physical gold, silver and platinum bullion (coins and bars), as part of your retirement savings. Precious metals IRA accounts are becoming more popular especially since the S&P downgrading of the credit rating of the US and the growing realization that the ultimate flight to safety is from fiat paper money to gold and silver bullion coins and bars. Since, in today’s world, gold and silver are priced in terms of the US dollar, when the dollar weakens it takes more of them to buy an ounce of gold and silver. Gold and silver coins have retained purchasing power for 3000 years. NO OTHER ASSET CLASS HAS DONE SO. This is why more and more people are opening up precious metals IRA accounts in order to diversify some of their retirement savings into direct ownership of  physical gold and silver bullion. In the event of a collapse of the current fiat based monetary system, which is quite possible at some point during the expected lifespan of your retirement savings – gold and silver bullion are the best means of assuring that you and your family will always own an asset with purchasing power – thus the description of gold and silver as the best form of family wealth preservation.

Why Select APM As My Precious Metals IRA Dealer? – Our Industry Contacts

Precious Metals IRAOpening up a precious metals IRA and diversifying some of your retirement savings into ownership of gold and silver bullion often involves a six figure transfer of funds from a traditional IRA brokerage account (e.g. Fidelity, Vanguard, TD Waterhouse, etc.), to a precious metals IRA administrator.  Although the choice of a precious metals IRA administrator and storage facility is yours’, APM has an established relationship with several precious metals IRA administrators including New Direction IRA, Inc., Entrust Group and Goldstar Trust. In fact we are a pre-approved dealer for Goldstar Trust’s Precious Metals IRA. Goldstar Trust is one of the leading precious metals IRA administrators. We also have established relationships with precious metals storage facilities including First State Depository LLC and Diamond State Depository. Our personal contacts within the precious metals industry vastly expedites and simplifies the process for our high net worth clients to diversify their retirement savings into physical gold and silver bullion. It is also important to remember, APM does not just help you set up your precious metals IRA, we are also your point of contact whenever you have questions, want to buy more gold and silver for your precious metals IRA or sell some of your gold and silver bullion holdings.

APM’s Precious Metals IRA Suggestion

The most important step to take right now is to set up your precious metals IRA account. Precious Metals IRASetting up your account does not obligate you to purchase gold, silver or platinum but you cannot purchase gold, silver or platinum for your retirement savings until your precious metals IRA account is established. The European and U.S. sovereign debt crisis is unprecedented. The flight to safety is currently taking the path from the Euro to the U.S. dollar. As mentioned earlier, the last step of the flight from devalued fiat currency has always been the precious metals – particularly gold and silver bullion. There is little, if any reason, to believe this time will be any different. Even, if at this moment, you are not convinced, you need to position yourself to quickly move your retirement savings into the precious metals asset class as the sovereign debt crisis worsens. Look at it this way – There is virtually no risk in setting up a precious metals IRA. The risk lies in not having a precious metals IRA into which to quickly diversify into the precious metals asset class.

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