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Gold Television Advertising Hype | Precious Metals Blog

Ron Miller : February 3, 2012 2:56 am : Precious Metals, Uncategorized

Being in the business as a family owned and operated gold, silver and platinum bullion dealer, it’s really interesting to watch the onslaught of gold television advertising by the large corporate precious metals dealers. So much of what is advertised as a competitive advantage is really nothing more than advertising hype. There is simply no substance to the claims being made and in some cases what is being conveyed is very misleading and not in your best interest. Let me be more specific.

Gold Advertising Absent The Golden Rule

GoldHere are some of the claims being made in various gold television advertisements and the reality behind the claims.

  • “Your gold will be delivered in ten days or less” – This is pretty much standard practice. It’s not a unique service offered by these particular dealers. The only time you will have to wait longer than ten days for your shipment is if you are paying in a manner other than wired funds or if the product you purchased is on back order, which does happen on occasion during periods of high demand for a particular product. So if ten days shipping is the only reason you are attracted to these advertisers – don’t fall for it. As a matter of fact, it seems a bit dishonest to claim a unique service that is in fact standard practice. It makes you wonder in what other business practices the truth may be shaded a little bit.
  •  “One percent over cost” – Sounds good, but how do you know the cost upon which one percent is added? They could tell you anything. How would you know if what you are being told is accurate? Also, what about “handling fees” and shipping costs – are these included in the one percent or are they extra? In addition, do you really think all of the products they sell are sold for one percent over cost? That’s a razor thin operating margin. You can bet their average margin over cost is greater than one percent. They achieve the higher average margin by steering you to higher commission products once they get you in the door with their one percent advertising. How do you think they pay their expensive television advertising? They don’t pay for it out of a one percent operating margin.
  • “Uncirculated Gold Coins” – When is the last time you saw a gold coin in circulation? These are not the type of coins you get in your change after buying a slurpee at 7/11. Yet some dealers offer “Uncirculated” Gold Coins for an extra charge. Don’t do it.
  • “New 2012 Gold and Silver Coins” – Some dealers offer 2012 coins for an extra charge over the price of prior year coins. At most, the extra value (if in fact there is any real extra value), is only good for a matter of months until the “new” 2013 coins come out. How much extra do you think you can get if you now sell those “new” 2011 gold coins you paid more for last year? Again, some simple advice – Don’t pay extra for “new” coins.
  • “Free Shipping” or “Free Shipping on First Order” – Generally speaking, if you purchase 200 or more silver coins or 10 or more one ounce gold coins you should not have to pay extra for shipping, whether it’s your first order or your eighth order. At this vulume level, the shipping cost should be absorbed in the overall purchase price. Point is, don’t base your purchasing decision on someone offering you free shipping. Dealers who tack on shipping costs to decent size orders are just finding another means to charge you more and those making a big deal out of “free shipping” are being disingenuous.
  • “Rare, Commemorative, Special Edition” – Unless you are an expert coin collector, whenever you are approached about buying these types of coins or whenever you see these types of gold and silver coins listed on dealer websites – stop and call someone else. The least expensive way of investing in physical gold and silver is to only purchase gold and silver “bullion” coins or gold and silver “bullion” bars. Why? – Because these are the coins that are sold for the smallest amount over the spot price of gold and silver. These are the coins whose value is derived almost 100% from their gold and silver content (plus the cost of fabrication, warehousing and distribution). All other gold and silver coins, often described as being rare, commemorative or special edition, include premiums up to 30% above the cost of gold and silver bullion coins, for their arguable and vacillating rare, commemorative or special edition “extra” value. If you are not a professional coin collector why do business with dealers who offer these types of gold and silver coins to the general public? By the way, the professional coin collectors need a retail outlet to make money on their rare, commemorative and special edition gold and silver coin investments. That’s likely what you are buying into when you purchase these types of gold and silver coins. Look for precious metal dealers who specialize in gold and silver “bullion” coins and bars. Note – There are not a lot of precious metal dealers who specialize in gold and silver bullion because these products have the lowest operating margin of all of the gold and silver products available in the market.

Gold Dealers Vs. Gold Bullion Dealers

GoldAtlantic Precious Metals is one of a very few, family owned and operated precious metals dealers. We specialize in gold and silver bullion coins and bars because we know these are the best products for 99% of the public. We do not advertise. Rather, we focus on providing honest and exceptional service in a manner so as to earn repeat business and referrals from our customers – usually family members, friends and co-workers of current customers. All of our gold and silver bullion products are certified for weight and fineness by the US Mint, the Royal Canadian Mint and several other national mints.

If you are thinking about diversifying your savings by investing in physical gold and silver bullion give us a call. We will answer all of your questions and help you get started.

Ron Miller – President and Founder, Atlantic Precious Metals LLC
Phone: 1-800-APM-GUIDE  (1-800-276-4843)

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Gold Bullion – Lets Get Physical | Precious Metals Blog

Ron Miller : January 25, 2012 9:34 pm : Precious Metals, Uncategorized

When it comes to owning gold bullion, Olivia Newton John has it right – Lets Get Physical! There are a myriad of gold products on the market today. This article is not intended to bash any of them. However it is intended to make you think about what you want if you are starting to take an interest in some type of gold related investment.

Gold ETFs Vs Gold Bullion

To get right to the point – Gold Exchange Traded Funds, Gold Certificates and financed/leveraged gold investments are not the same as buying and owning physical gold bullion in the form of gold coins and gold bars. If you cannot hold it in your hands you did not buy physical gold – you bought an investment in the price of gold – you cannot lay claim to ownership of physical gold you can hold in your hands. Again, this may be perfectly appropriate for you – but it is not appropriate for you if you thought you were buying physical gold bullion and ended up with one of these other types of gold related investments.

The only way to own physical gold bullion is to buy it from a precious metals dealer because the US Mint and other national mints do not sell gold bullion directly to the public. Financial Advisers, unless they also happen to be a precious metals dealer (very unlikely), do not sell gold bullion, which may have something to do with why they steer you to products like Gold ETFs if you express an interest in owning gold. This may also be why the financial sector developed Gold ETF products – but that’s another topic for another day.

Not to intentionally complicate matters but there are a lot of physical gold products on the market today. Make sure you buy gold bullion products – not so called “rare” gold coins or commemorative gold coins. Unless you are a professional coin collector stay away from these products and don’t let anyone talk you into buying them. Read this important article for more information about gold bullion products.

APM Specializes in Gold Bullion

Gold BullionAtlantic Precious Metals specializes in selling gold bullion products to retail customers. That’s what we do. So if this is what you are intending to buy – keep it simple and give us a call and we will help you every step of the way – from initial discussion through shipment and delivery.

We look forward to hearing from you and answering all of your questions.

Ron Miller, President and Founder – Atlantic Precious Metals LLC
Phone: 1-800-APM-GUIDE (1-800-276-4843)


Gold Storage – Pooled Versus Segregated | Precious Metals Blog

Ron Miller : January 15, 2012 3:43 am : Precious Metals, Uncategorized

Gold StorageOne of the decisions you have to make when you are ready to purchase gold bullion is how to store it. The obvious choice for those who want to have the gold in their personal possession is to have the gold shipped to your home address. However for those who want to have the gold stored on their behalf at a precious metals storage facility it is important to understand the difference between pooled gold storage and segregated gold storage.

Pooled Gold Storage

Pooled gold storage means the gold you purchase is mixed in with the gold of other gold storage customers. As an example, lets say you purchase 50 one ounce American Gold Eagle Coins. Fifty American Eagle Coins are shipped to the storage facility but they are held in bulk storage with the one ounce American Gold Eagle Coins of all the other storage customers. Should you decide at some later date to take personal delivery of your 50 American Gold Eagle Coins the chances are that the American Gold Eagle Coins shipped to you from the gold storage facility will not be the same identical American Eagle Coins shipped from your precious metals dealer to the gold storage facility. Arguably, this should not matter because there should be no difference in the value of the one ounce Gold American Eagle Coins held in bulk storage.

Segregated Gold Storage

Segregated gold storage means the gold bullion you purchase is stored separately from the gold bullion of all of the other gold storage customers. In the above example, should you decide to take personal delivery, the gold bullion coins shipped to you will be the same exact gold coins you purchased from your precious metals dealer. Although segregated gold storage costs a little more than pooled gold storage most people prefer to pay the little extra amount for segregated gold storage.

If you are in the market for gold bullion but do not want to take personal delivery, call us at 1-800-276-4843. We work with several reputable gold storage facilities and will be glad to help you.

Please note, when you purchase from Atlantic Precious Metals and request personal delivery to your home address, with the rare exception of a back-order, you can expect your shipment within ten days. It is also our practice to follow-up and call you to make sure you received your order and that you are satisfied with our service. Remember, our  service is relationship based and does not end when you place your order.

One other note – although for purposes of brevity, this article discusses “gold storage”, the same storage options and delivery times apply to silver and platinum bullion.

Ron Miller, President and Founder – Atlantic Precious Metals LLC
1-800-APM-GUIDE (1-800-276-4843)

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Precious Metals IRA – What Are You Waiting For? | Precious Metals Blog

Ron Miller : December 26, 2011 2:36 am : Precious Metals, Uncategorized

Do you own a precious metals IRA? Although precious metals IRAs are growing in popularity, no one in the conventional stocks and bonds investment community seems anxious to tell you – but, YES you can hold physical gold and silver bullion in an IRA – a Precious Metals IRA. What differentiates a precious metals IRA from a conventional IRA is that, instead of owning a paper investment – you own a physical product – gold and silver bullion coins. Another difference is that you have to open your precious metals IRA with a custodian who specializes in meeting the IRS requirements for tax deferred precious metals IRAs. Your precious metals IRA custodian will also help arrange the safe and secure storage of your gold and silver bullion.

Deal With Precious Metals IRA Experts

Atlantic Precious Metals has connections with all of the leading precious metals IRA custodians and will put you in touch with the leading experts in the precious metals IRA field. You can open your precious metals IRA in as little as 24 hours. And after you open and fund your precious metals IRA, we will help you select what type of gold and silver bullion to purchase. The IRS only allows specific types of gold and silver bullion to be held in a precious metals IRA and we will make sure you make a selection in compliance with IRS rules and regulations.

Precious Metals IRA Versus the Sovereign Debt Crisis

Precious Metals IRAIf you are thinking about opening a precious metals IRA, there really is no reason to wait. You can open an account and hold cash in your precious metals IRA until you are ready to call APM and make your purchase. We will still help you set up your precious metals IRA whether or not you are ready to immediately make a purchase of gold and silver bullion. The sovereign debt crisis is not getting better and there are no signs that it will in the foreseeable future. In fact all signs point to the collapse of the Euro dollar, which would represent the first failed fiat paper money in a worldwide fiat paper money system. Also, consider that, unless you think the American taxpayers can afford to fork over $15,000,000,000,000 plus trillions more in unfunded liabilities, the US fiat paper dollar is not much stronger then the Euro. A precious metals IRA gives you the opportunity to hold some of your retirement savings in a physical asset  – gold and silver bullion – that has had value for 3000 years. What could be a more compelling diversification? When governments cannot pay their bills their currency becomes worthless. That’s how governments go bankrupt. And they don’t file for Chapter 11 and announce it ahead of time.

The choice is yours. Right now, most people do not own any gold. If you wait until this changes, it will still be a good thing to do but the price of gold will be a lot higher and it will probably take a lot longer to set up a precious metals IRA assuming the IRS does not put a stop on new precious metals IRAs. If you are thinking about it – at least open your precious metals IRA account. Call us and we will help you.

Ron Miller, President and Founder – Atlantic Precious Metals LLC
Phone: 1-800-APM-GUIDE 1-800-276-4843

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Glenn Beck’s Goldline Charged with Bait and Switch | Precious Metals Blog

Ron Miller : November 29, 2011 8:06 pm : Precious Metals, Uncategorized

Nothing could be more illustrative of my prior APM Precious Metals Blog Post titled, “Gold – What You Are Not Being Told”, than the charges brought against one of the biggest and oldest precious metal dealers, Goldline International Inc, as described in this linked article in the Los Angeles Times. Unfortunately this is not the exception, which is why I went into business in early 2011 to offer an alternative to the many unethical practices taking place today. It’s been interesting – some folks have concern because I have not been in business for as long as companies like Goldline, who went into business in 1960. My best honest answer to this concern is: “yes that’s true, but the bigger point is, I don’t have any experience doing this the wrong way”. I will never engage in the practices described in the charges brought against Goldline. My motivation for getting into this business is because I passionately believe that ownership of physical gold and silver bullion is a necessary but woefully overlooked asset class – essential for long term wealth preservation. I also experienced first hand, as a first time gold and silver bullion buyer, the high pressure and self-serving practices of many precious metal dealers and knew I could do this successfully, the right way.

I remember a wise elderly investment adviser from years back stressing the return of capital as more important than the return on capital. As described in this prior APM Precious Metals Blog Post titled, “Retirement Savings – Devaluation, Diversification and Caffeine”, it is official US policy to devalue the US dollar – in other words, it is official US policy to devalue your money. Applying the advice of the wise investment adviser in another context – As you save for, enter into and experience retirement, it is the preservation of the purchasing power of your money that is important, not the preservation of the nominal amount of the dollars held in your savings. What good does it do you if ten years from now your have the same amount of dollars as you do now but those dollars will only purchase half of what they will purchase today? The only asset class not dependent on any other factor for its purchasing power value is physical gold and silver bullion – it has survived kings, princes, dictators, czars, prime ministers, presidents and empires and it will survive the serious sovereign debt crisis we are now entering into. The shame is that you risk experiencing the deceptive practices described in the criminal charges brought against Goldline in order to buy the longest surviving asset class in modern civilization. Unfortunately these unethical practices are very effective because so many have so much experience perfecting them and setting them up in such a manner, that they can be plausibly denied by crafty management and skillful attorneys. Atlantic Precious Metals LLC is a family owned and operated precious metals dealer based in Lewes, Delaware (a wonderful place to retire, by the way). I can proudly and honestly say that Atlantic Precious Metals LLC has more experience selling gold and silver bullion the right way than many precious metal dealers who have been in business a half century or more.

By the way – if the charges brought against Goldline are true – shame on you Glenn Beck. Of course, I’ve never understood the advertising effectiveness of having to pay someone to say something good about you and I question the intellectual honesty and integrity of celebrity talk show hosts like Glenn Beck who claim to represent the average person from their personal experience as a paid celebrity spokesperson. Put not your trust in princes, even those who come to you in talk show host clothing. Like a wolf in wolf’s clothing, they are celebrity talk show hosts in celebrity talk show host clothing – and nothing more.

Its tough to break into this business when you refuse to engage is the unethical practices taking place today. I reject and disdain these practices – especially those practices that take advantage of the elderly – so thanks for your support!

To those of you who have not yet contacted us, we look forward to earning your trust and your business. There is no need for anyone to risk being treated unfairly. There is an alternative. That’s why we went into business.

Call or email me anytime. It will be my pleasure to be of service to you.

Ron Miller, President and Founder – Atlantic Precious Metals LLC
Phone: 1-800-APM-GUIDE (1-800-276-4843)

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New APM Service – Buy and Sell Gold Bullion

Ron Miller : November 27, 2011 12:01 am : Precious Metals, Uncategorized

Buy and Sell Gold BullionAtlantic Precious Metals has partnered with BullionVault in order to meet the product and service needs of customers requesting the opportunity to actively buy and sell gold bullion. Although APM is pleased to offer this service, a word of caution is prudent. If you want to actively buy and sell gold bullion and are looking for a service provider – Be careful.

Buy and Sell Gold Bullion via Leverage Sales?

Short answer – “No”. Here’s why. Many precious metals dealers are going into business or expanding their product line to offer you a platform to buy and sell gold bullion via a practice often referred to as “leveraged sales”. Basically, you buy and sell gold bullion through these dealers but they talk you into financing up to 80% of your gold bullion purchase with the enticement that in a rising gold market you can earn a return up the five times your deposited investment. These sales tactics and products are very risky to you while being very lucrative for the dealers due to the high up-front commissions and fees on gold positions you may only hold for a short period of time. Also, they hit you with another high commission every time you buy and sell gold bullion. In addition, every time you buy and sell gold bullion the commission you pay is based on the full purchase – even the 80% that you don’t yet own and probably never will own assuming you sell before paying off your loan from the dealer.

Use BullionVault to Buy and Sell Gold Bullion

BullionVault does not engage in these practices, which is why we have partnered with them. You can actively buy and sell gold bullion with BullionVault at fees that are less than those charged by many stock mutual funds. Your account with BullionVault can be set up in about five minutes. There is no cost to set up an account. Also, for a limited time, if you open your account by clicking the following APM/BullionVault Partnership link you will receive one free gram of gold. Here is the link:

APM/BullionVault Gold and Silver Partnership Account

If you have any questions about how to buy and sell gold bullion please contact me by email or phone. I will be glad to help you. Make sure you open your account through the above link so you can start off with your free gram of gold bullion.

Note: When you open your account via the above link, you can also buy and sell silver bullion with the same ease and low cost as when you buy and sell gold bullion.

Ron Miller, President and Founder – Atlantic Precious Metals LLC
Phone: 1-800-APM-GUIDE (1-800-276-4843)

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