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APM’s Gold and Silver Bullion Product and Service Difference

Gold and Silver BullionGold and silver bullion is the purest and simplest form of precious metal. It is also the product with the lowest profit margin for precious metal dealers, making it the lowest cost gold and silver product for customers. When it comes to 99% of the public, remember this rule:

  • Complexity and particularly the offering of gold and silver numismatic products with gold and silver bullion products favor the precious metals dealer and take advantage of the general public’s wise rising interest in diversifying into precious metals.
Disclosing the above “Rule” is an example of the difference between passing grade honesty and integrity. It is not dishonest to offer numismatic gold and silver products. However inappropriate they may be for 99% of the public, they are real gold and silver products. But it does not pass the integrity test when you know that the rising interest in gold and silver is as insurance against inflation and the de-valuation of the US Dollar, not a sudden spike in the number of savvy coin collecting enthusiasts. Atlantic Precious Metals (APM), is a Gold and Silver Bullion Dealer. We only sell bullion products because we know that precious metals in the form of bullion are the best precious metal products for 99% of the public. Almost all of our competition, especially the large national television and radio gold and silver advertisers with their highly paid celebrity talk show spokespersons,  are gold and silver dealers making no distinction between gold and silver bullion products and gold and silver numismatic products.

One other difference between APM and most other dealers – Most of our customers are first time purchasers of gold and silver. Unfortunately, these are the folks who are also most vulnerable to the bait and switch and product steering practices of many gold and silver dealers, including dealers who tout how long they have been in business. We find that people who call us are pleasantly surprised because they do not like the way they are treated when they contact other dealers. We promise to treat you with respect and answer all of your questions patiently and honestly. And when you are ready to buy, we’ll make it easy – and make sure you end up owning gold and silver bullion, not some other high margin gold and silver product that you do not need and should not buy.

Our Gold and Silver Bullion Pricing

Simply stated – If you think you found a lower final price, call and if true, we will match – but be careful, chances are you are being misled. We will help you figure it out. Thinking about it but still not sure? Not a problem. No obligation gold and silver bullion consultations are encouraged. Remember, we specialize in serving high net worth clients and first time purchasers of gold and silver. We will also help you set up your Precious Metal IRA.

Suggested Gold and Silver Bullion Wealth Preservation Package

• 50 one ounce Gold American Eagle Bullion Coins
• 500 one ounce Silver Dollar American Eagle Bullion Coins

Gold and Silver Bullion Purchasing Process:
• Call 1-800-APM-GUIDE (1-800-276-4843) for consultation and quote
• Place Order
• Wire funds
• Product shipped

• M-F 9-6 EST
• Consultation or purchase also available by appointment 24/7. Call or use “Request a Callback” to schedule appointment.

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