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GQs | Precious Metals

Precious MetalsQ- Is Atlantic Precious Metals LLC (APM), a registered financial advisor?

A – No. The decision to invest in precious metals or not invest in precious metals involves risk. APM is not a registered financial adviser, so you need to do your own research before making any investment decision.

Q – What differentiates APM’s service from the service of other precious metal dealers?

A- The personal and courteous service you will receive from APM is unique within the precious metals retail business. Most precious metal dealers have been in business for years and have a business model dependent on high volume, quick transaction and high pressure sales tactics. APM is a small business family owned precious metals dealer offering the same products through the same network of wholesalers as the high volume, quick transaction and high pressure dealers. The difference is, we went into business for the specific purpose of providing service to high net worth individuals and families who are wisely looking to diversify into the precious metals asset class but do not know how to do so and whom to trust. APM offers the personal service you will not get from other dealers. You will talk to the same person every time you call. Also, your personal service does not end with your precious metals purchase. You are encouraged and expected to call anytime after your purchase should you have any questions or want to discuss the current gold and silver market in general. In addition, if at any point you need to sell some or all of your gold and silver, call us and we will help you with the transaction. We believe that high net worth families and individuals should diversify into the precious metals asset class however we know from experience that these clients are under serviced in the current retail precious metals market. APM is in business for the specific purpose of meeting the precious metals asset diversification needs of high net worth families and individuals.

Q- What differentiates APM’s precious metals products from the products of other precious metals dealers?

A- The biggest difference between APM’s products and the products of other dealers is not the products we offer but the products we do not offer. We do not offer numismatic gold and silver coins. We only offer non numismatic gold, silver and platinum coins and bars produced by the U.S. Mint and other national mints (e.g. Royal Canadian Mint) and certified for weight and fineness by each producing mint.

Q- Why does APM limit its products to non numismatic Mint produced coins and bars?

A- Because APM went into business solely for the purpose of offering high net worth clients a fair and honest means of diversifying some of their savings into ownership of physical precious metals. Regardless of what you may hear or read in gold and silver television, radio, website and magazine advertisements the best and only means of diversifying simply for the purpose of owning precious metals are the non numismatic gold, silver and platinum coins and bars produced by the U.S. Mint and other national mints. Therefore, these are the only products offered for sale by APM. You need not be worried about being steered to other products because APM does not offer any other products.

Q- What are numismatic coins and why don’t you offer them for sale?

A- Numismatic coins are coins that are produced in limited quantity, generally commemorating certain types of events such as historic anniversaries (e.g. the 1976 U.S. bicentennial). Although many of these coins are made from gold, silver or platinum they derive their value from their estimated value as a collectors item in addition to the value of their gold, silver or platinum content. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with these coins if they are purchased by knowledgeable collectors for this purpose. The problem is, since their value includes a broad range of mark-up from the value of their metal content many dealers steer people who want to diversify into physical precious metals to numismatic gold, silver and platinum coins because they can charge a much higher mark-up for these coins than they can for non numismatic coins.

Q- Why can’t I purchase gold and silver direct from the U.S. Mint?

A- The U.S. Mint distributes their products through a network of U.S. Mint authorized distributors. These distributors then distribute the U.S. Mint products through a network of retail precious metals dealers. All of APM’s products come from authorized U.S. Mint distributors.

Q- Why can’t I purchase gold and silver coins at the spot prices reported in the financial news media?

A- The spot price is the price of gold, silver and platinum before it goes through the process of coinage (i.e. the actual process of making the gold, silver or platinum coin). In a manner very similar to other manufacturing to retail customer processes, the mints “manufacture” the coins, sell the coins to their authorized distributors and the distributors provide a safe inventory of the bullion coins and bars for purchase by the public from the retail precious metals dealers. The final retail cost of the gold, silver and platinum coins and bars cover the cost of the chain of services plus a reasonable competitive profit margin.