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Gold Storage Solutions

Gold Storage Solutions

Gold StorageGold Storage – As people begin to seriously consider the movement of retirement and non-retirement savings into physical gold and silver bullion, one of the issues they immediately realize they need to address is – okay, I know I want to own gold and silver, but where do I store it? What are my gold storage options?

Gold Storage in Your House

Well, you can store gold and silver bullion somewhere in your house but you need to know most, if not all, homeowners insurance policies do not cover loss, damage or theft of bullion. So, you can use your house for gold storage but understand your risk. And please, whatever you do, if you decide to use your house for gold storage, don’t broadcast to people that you just bought $100,000 of gold and silver bullion. Not to be melodramatic but, although you may have found a secret hiding place in your home, if someone knows you have $100,000 of gold in your house and puts a gun to your head, you’re going to tell them where you hid it. If you use your home for gold storage, please, keep it to yourself.

Gold Storage in a Bank Safe Deposit Box

Another likely gold storage alternative is your bank’s safe deposit box. Not a bad idea, but again – understand your uninsured risk. Most banks limit their insurance on the contents of safe deposit boxes to $25,000 or less. Check with your bank for specifics. You also have an uninsured exposure while traveling to and from your bank with gold and silver bullion so keep this in mind as well.

Professional Gold Storage

If you prefer the services of a professional precious metals storage facility – Atlantic Precious Metals can help you arrange segregated and insured storage of all of your gold and silver bullion at an annualized cost of 60 basis point of the stored gold and silver market value. As an example, a gold and silver market value of $100,000 will cost you $600 a year for secure insured storage of your gold and silver bullion – probably the same amount or lower, as charged by your financial adviser for managing your fiat paper currency investments. By the way, if you select Atlantic Precious Metals as the dealer for your Precious Metals IRA we can arrange segregated and insured gold storage for 10 basis points (e.g. a gold and silver market value of $250,000 will only cost $250  a year for storage).

Again, the gold storage decision is your decision. But reasonably priced professional gold storage  alternatives are available and APM will be glad to help you explore them. Call us anytime.

Ron Miller, President and Founder – Atlantic Precious Metals LLC
Phone: 1-800-APM-GUIDE 1-800-276-4843

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